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    China Railway Construction strongly promote regional management model

      As a competitive class construction companies, the market is the lifeblood of business is leading. Way sound scientific management system determines the enterprise market operators, but also directly affect the implementation of the macroeconomic effects of corporate development strategy. Recently, China Railway Construction convene regional management will promote the work, thinking and understanding of system-wide levels, highlighting the company operating the main market position, and vigorously promote the regional management model. This is an important measure to strengthen the management and enterprise reform, it is a major business market management system of strategic change.

      All units at all levels must unify their thinking to the shares of the company to effectively conduct basic work thinking up, update the concept, to raise awareness, conscious action to "ton output capacity," "Brokeback to survive," the courage and determination of the old production management system radical change. Competent leadership of each unit must be resolutely eliminate wait and see, to cope with the negative psychological, and resolutely prevent do not want to, not for, not as a thought, resolutely overcome lip, not the behavior of the real thing, the real catch, really dry, really advance the implementation of implement, and then implement, promote regional management model in the unit full landing.

      Currently, the enterprise reform into the deep water, face a new round of central enterprises "growth" of battle, and how to change China Railway Construction management system, dancing leading market operators to management to be productive? August 11, China Railway Construction work to promote regional management will emphasize: to promote strategic change management system, unswervingly promote regional management model, to create a regional management as the backbone of standardization and scientific management system, improve the overall viability of the market, casting stimulating sustained and healthy development of enterprises pilot engine.

      After five years of Publicizing and propulsion, the vast majority of China Railway Construction to build a regional business units gradually basic framework, the initial establishment of a "joint-stock company to harmonize the business, the company focuses on market operators, engineering companies focusing aid" business management system.

      Special assistant to the president of regional operations for Sun recognized the existence of the new issues raised over the next two years, China Railway Construction should take seven terms as the starting point, a comprehensive, in-depth, detailed promote the implementation of the regional management model. Each unit in a uniform understanding of leadership as the starting point to solve the propulsion power management system reform issues; regional institution-building assessment as the starting point, each group established to promote rational regional business organization; to implement the "six to two should" and "5 50%" as the starting point, to strengthen the regional business leadership and support; to "put six six" control measures as the starting point, the formation of regional business management and orderly operation mechanism; to ensure and enhance the quality of personnel as the starting point to build a competent and efficient regional management team; to strengthen the long-term management of the foundation as the starting point to create a sustainable ecological development of regional markets; to play a good role AG regional operators as the starting point, the formation of the whole system as a whole BaoTuan collaborative business situation.

      Zong Yan, president of China Railway Construction, unswervingly promote regional management model, to achieve the "three can not be shaken": mainly rely on regional operators contract tasks, rather than relying on the basic engineering company contracted task management ideas can not be shaken; area contract management agency to operate mainly to construction monitoring, supplemented by market-oriented regional development and market positioning has overall responsibility for the maintenance of the basic functions can not be shaken; implementation of the "six to two should" requirements, continued to strengthen the basic work of building regional business organization situation can not be shaken.

      Fully implement the main responsibility for the company's business, the company must fully establish the "viability of the enterprise's core competitiveness," the concept, the company in charge of the leadership should enhance the ability of the business as their most important mission, the company team members should consciously play active management responsibility to work effectively to promote regional management model.

      Engineering contracting construction sector how positive interaction capabilities and management capacity to achieve sustainable and healthy development? Zong statement stressed the need to strengthen, so special, so gifted as the goal, vigorously promote the construction of production capacity; the information necessary to discriminate, public communication, planning three POW ability to focus, the ability to achieve a qualitative improvement business; to pull through the operation of work capacity building construction, construction management services in the business subject to capacity building, management work to implement the "big Shi Group" concept targeted task contract, contract management and construction management of a reputation around four ways to start work Chuangxiao purposes, the effective realization of the construction and management capabilities ability interaction.

      China Railway Construction Corporation chairman pointed towards Meng Feng, thoroughly implement the spirit of the SAC meeting to make arrangements well in the second half economic work, to seize the capital growth does not relax, to seize the reform is not to relax, catch-driven innovation does not relax, to seize the party building not relax, focus on quality and efficiency upgrade.

      Meng Feng towards stressed, the whole system must unify their thinking, do solid work, and vigorously promote and implement regional management strategies. All units should attach great importance to business work, work a bid to seize the business, opening a large market, the development of large landlords, won large projects, laying a solid foundation for the development of enterprises. Leaders at all levels must deeply understand the significance of regional business, and comprehensively promote and implement in accordance with the requirements, the pursuit of quality under the premise of ensuring that the scale of promotion, pay more attention to management quality, adhere to high-quality management, to develop baseline management principles to achieve risk management and control. Strengthen the "win-win cooperation concept," foreign good customer care and brand maintenance work, internal maximize the whole interest, pushing the development of mutual cooperation and concerted efforts. Strengthen market situation judged improve prospective business initiative and flexibility to work and strive to "homeopathy" timely preventing and defusing risks.

      To effectively improve management style, China Railway Construction Research developed a corporate "business code of conduct" to regulate the conduct of operations, eliminate operational risks. Promote the meeting, Chinese iron founding secretary of the Discipline Committee, Chairman of the Supervisory Qi Xiaofei read the notice on the issuance of the "China Railway Construction Corporation Limited business code of conduct," the.

      To expand their horizons, inspired thinking, the meeting also arranged five regional business units made of advanced exchange of experience, watch the professional market operators promo 10 units, promoting regional business units as well as the special ability to enhance, improve brand management provides a demonstration, learn.

      China Railway Construction Corporation vice chairman, party secretary, union president Peng Shugui chaired the meeting, Hu Zhen Yi, vice president, Xia Guobin, village still standard, Liuru Chen attended the meeting, China Railway Construction organs and departments more responsible person, shares of the company in charge of regional operations headquarters and affiliated persons the unit in charge of party and government leaders, business leaders in charge of the work and operate a total of 180 department heads attended the meeting.

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